Traffic Message LED Display (Traffic Guidance LED Display)

Traffic Message LED Display (Traffic Guidance LED Display)

Traffic message LED display plays the function of traffic guidance. Therefore, it is also known as traffic guidance LED display. It is widely used in expressway. Traffic LED display is made up of screen, drive system, control system, communications equipment, power supply system and other components. This kind of outdoor LED screen contains graphics guidance sign. It is a multifunctional information display that often shows ordinary road signs and variable message sign.

Application of Traffic LED Display
Traffic guidance LED display is widely used in highway, city road, urban road, street, airport, dock, station, transportation center, and so on.

Features of Traffic LED Display
1. This type of outdoor LED screen provides the road ahead to the driver through presenting graphics to give road direction. It plays the role of signpost.
2. Traffic guidance LED displays possess the advantages of intuitive images, large amount of information and relatively short visual cognition time. It can guide those drivers that are not familiar with the road conditions to find directions.
3. In road marking area with static graphics, traffic LED displays can also be installed. Through the different colors that LED lights emit, it can identify real-time traffic status: unblocked (green), blocked (red) or crowd (orange). This can make the driver to judge and select the appropriate route.

Traffic Guidance LED Display Solutions

Traffic LED Displays

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