Apexls Outdoor LED Curtain Entered Vladivostok, Russia

Apexls installed one outdoor LED Curtain Display on one building located in Vladivostok, Russia recently. This P20mm outdoor LED display covers a total area of about 200m2. Apexls customized this display by combining the outer appearance and color of the building with the advertisement video and images. Its vivid images attracted a number of visitors to stop and look.

This outdoor LED curtain display is light, thin and permeable. It only needs 1/3 of the weight of regular displays, and its excellent permeability can protect it from strong wind. The unique design of structure facilitates installation and maintenance. In addition, its IP65 ingress protection level allows it to stand any complicated and extreme environment. This LED curtain display is also suitable for indoor applications. 

Easy and flexible installation assures quick assembling and disassembling of LED screen, and high efficiency and safety can assure its flatness. In addition, convenient maintenance, disassembly and replacement of each module of the display can keep its remaining parts away from failure, helping you to effectively respond to accidental circumstance.

Apexls LED curtain display is primarily applied for curtain walls of buildings, stage performance backgrounds, billboards, etc. With its light weight, flexible installation, energy-saving and environmental properties, it’s perfect for setting up large outdoor displays, and it’s a first choice for creating landmark of dynamic landscape.