Indoor Advertising LED Display

Indoor Advertising LED Display

Main features:
1. Protection: Good waterproof effect and IP65 protection grade, it is suitable for outdoor using environment.
2. Advertising effect: High definition, high brightness, high refresh rate and high gray level, which makes the images showed on it vivid and lively. It can achieve audio and video synchronization, meeting the requirements of high visual quality of commercial use.
3. High Brightness: Advertising LED screen or LED panel with high brightness and color correction functions, making it show more abundant and attractive pictures.
4. Far transmission distance: It adopts efficient optical fiber transmission system, which can effectively reduce the signal delay phenomenon because of far transmission distance and ensure the screen showing consistency.
5. Double line hot backup: Our advertising LED displays possess the function of double line hot backup. Two computers control a screen at the same time. When a computer fails, the other computer can automatically replace it to ensure normal work of the display.
6. Network control function: Advertising LED screen has network control function, so that customers in one place can control several displays in different cities and change the content you want to play.
7. Remote control: Remote network control can be used for all types of display information. Customers only need to click the mouse to easily replace the picture information, so as to realize the advertising display network clustering of cities and regions.
8. Environmental monitoring: Apexls advertising LED displays are designed with environmental monitoring system. Clients can know displays’ running situation anytime and anywhere.
9. Multi-function card: Advertising LED screens or LED panels can be used with multi-function card configured by us, thus, they can realize software timing or manually switching at any time.
10. Provide whole solution: We not only provide installation support, but also supply a full range of LED display system, including control system, power supply (socket), software, accessories, installation drawings and others.
11. Customized: The size of advertising LED displays can be customized so that they can meet different pixel requirements.

Model: P3, P4, P5, P6, P7.62, P8, P10, P12


Model P3 P4 P5 P6 P7.62 P8 P10 P12
Pixel Pitch 3mm 4 mm 5 mm 6 mm 7.62 mm 8mm 10 mm 12 mm
LED Encapsulation 2121 2121 3528 3528 3528 3528 3528 3528
Pixel Density (Dots/M²) 111111 62500 40000 27777 17222 15625 10000 6944
Optimum Viewing Distance ≥4m ≥4m ≥5m ≥6m ≥7.5m ≥8m ≥10m ≥12m
Viewing Angel (V/H) 120°/120° 120°/120° 120°/120° 120°/120° 160°/160° 160°/160° 160°/160° 160°/160°
Brightness (Nits/M²) ≥2600 ≥2500 ≥2200 ≥1800 ≥1300 ≥1200 ≥950 ≥800
Maximum Power
1210 W/M² 845 W/M² 540 W/M² 680 W/M² 425 W/M² 395 W/M² 295 W/M² 205 W/M²
Average Power 
726 W/M² 500 W/M² 320 W/M² 400 W/M² 255 W/M² 235 W/M² 175 W/M² 120 W/M²
Working Voltage AC 220±10% 50Hz or AC 110±10% 60Hz
Operating Temperature -40℃~50℃
Input Signal Format RF, S-Video, RGB, RGBHV, YUV, YC & Composite, etc
Life Span >100, 000 Hours