Cubic LED Display

Cubic LED Display

LED cube display is also known as cubic LED display or LED cube screen, which is displayed in Hefei pavilion in Anhui high-tech achievement exhibition center. The length of each side of this cube is 1.28 m. It adopts PH4 high definition display. Six-surface stereo display realizes seamless connecting completely.

LED cube display or cubic LED video display (screen, panel, curtain, wall) is extensively applied in science and technology museums, galleries, lounges, hotels, high-speed railway stations, subway stations, shopping malls, bars and other places. It adopts new performance form, which makes a strong visual impact on audience.

Main Features of LED Cube Display
1. Attractive appearance
Adopts SMD triad LED, ensure a wide viewing angle. It can show six different videos respectively and also can show one video as a whole
2. Flexible installation and transportation
Stand installation and Hanging installation both are available. Unique design makes the whole cube easy to move, install, transport and load and unload, avoiding a lot of troubles in assembling especially in rental business.
3. Customized Product
Can be customized as required sizes and pixel pitches.


Pixel Pitch Side length Indoor SMD
4MM 0.64M
5MM 0.96M
6MM 0.96M

Parameter of LED Cube Display

Type P4 P5
Pixel Pitch 4mm 5mm
LED SMD 2121 SMD 3528
Pixel Density 62500 40000
Pixel Configuration IRIGIB IRIGIB
Scan Mode 1/16 1/16
Brightness(nits) 1800 1500
View Angle 360° 360°
Max. Power Consumption 833W/M² 605W/M²
Nor. Power Consumption 375W/M² 273W/M²
Uniformity Uniform brightness, uniformity 1:1.3
Working temperature -40°C~70°c
Humidity 25%~95%
Linkage current < 3mA
Control way Synchronous with computer(display)
Refresh frequency 1200Hz
Grey grade 4096 grade
Life span 100000 hours
Continuous failure-free working time 10000hours
Communication media,control distance Multimode optical fiber<500m,single mode fiber < 30km,cat 5 cable < 60m
IP Grade IP43
Input way Computer and ancillary,PAL/NTSC/SECAM, S-Video;VGA;RGB;Composite Video;SDI etc.
Display content Video DVD、VCD、TV,Image, Text,Animation and others
Protection Damp proof、dust proof、anti-corrosion、static free、anti-thunder,with over current, short circuit, over voltage and short voltage function

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