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Company Name: Shenzhen Apexls Optoelectronic Co., LTD
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  • Advertising LED Display
  • Advertising LED Display1. Advertising LED Screen in Buildings. It perfectly combines with building itself and provides a broader perspective and a wider transmission range. 2. Vehicle-Mounted LED Advertising Display. Advertisement is not limited by the location. Mobile spread contributes to a wider audience. 3. Advertising LED Display in Light Boxes. This kind of advertising LED screen offers...
  • Rental LED Display
  • Rental LED Display1. Rental LED display is featured with light weight, simple structure and convenient installation. Therefore, it can meet the requirement of fast installation and disassembly, and is easy to carry that rental occasions require. 2. Our LED screens are easy to operate. We can use screws to fix and dismantle the display easily and precisely. Besides, customers can use different screens...
  • Stadium LED Display
  • Stadium LED Display1. This kind of creative LED display is designed uniquely, which ensures simple installation and convenient transportation. 2. Our company is able to supply stadium LED displays with high stability, high reliability and long service life. 3. It is compatible with a variety of signal input, such as AV, S - Video, DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI, and so forth. 4. We make use of wooden cases to...
  • Traffic Message LED Display (Traffic Guidance LED Display)
  • Traffic Message LED Display (Traffic Guidance LED Display)1. This type of outdoor LED screen provides the road ahead to the driver through presenting graphics to give road direction. It plays the role of signpost. 2. Traffic guidance LED displays possess the advantages of intuitive images, large amount of information and relatively short visual cognition time. It can guide those drivers that are not familiar with the road conditions...